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This is the heart of your home, where the family meets, talks, eats, prepares food and the start to your daily life. This is where the day’s first pleasure should begin; the smell of freshly baked bread or the fresh coffee aroma wafting up the stairs to stir the rest of the family. The stylish ceiling lights giving optimum vision to prepare food or dimmable spot-lights for that soft glow over the dinner table or breakfast bar with friends.

We work with you and the style of the room, to create a kitchen that suits your lifestyle. We make the most of natural light from the windows and give you optimum access to utilities. We don't want to cram your room with cabinets, just to fill wall space, and we won't try to squeeze in a central island that will obstruct the flow of the room if it simply won’t fit.

It all comes back to you, working with your ideas and making suggestions to add to your plans. We’ll give you a Kitchen you will be proud to have your friends visit, will enhance your cooking skills with more modern equipment, or just give you a tidy, clean layout of a room you just want to live in.

A kitchen is fundamentally about style and layout, but once we have the cabinets in and worktops fitted, the full beauty is born with the finishing and all the details. Glass or tile up stands, wooden or tile flooring, or the installation of under-floor heating – so that tea at seven in the morning is so much better without cold feet!

Your ideas, your budget, your home - at Vision Interiors we work within all these boundaries to keep that smile on your face each time you enter your new kitchen.

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